Black Pearl Pirate Caribbean

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64.00 (cm)
55.00 (cm)
21.00 (cm)

Black Pearl pirate ship is a fictional ship in the Disney movie series "Pirates of the Caribbean" with a distinguishable shape, the hull and all sails are all black. The ship was originally named Wicked Wench before she was ordered burned and sunk by Lord Beckett. It was later raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who rechristened her the Black Pearl.

Model's size L 64cm x W 21cm x H 55cm

This is not a DIY model kit. 

This large size wooden ship model is 100% handmade from natural wood painted in black from hull to the sails, masts, decorative details on the ship. Each side of the ship is decorated with 12 cannons. Other small details are made of lead and stainless steel.