CH-47 Chinook

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7.00 (cm)
16.00 (cm)
33.00 (cm)

CH-47 Chinook is a heavy transport helicopter designed and built by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. The design of this aircraft is to move troops, heavy weapons and provide logistical support for the battlefield. CH-47 Chinook was designed in 1962. Chinook was originally the name of an Indian tribe in the Pacific Northwest.

Size: 33cm x 7cm (body only, without propeller) x 16cm

It has been simulated from real aircraft into wooden CH-47 Chinook helicopter model, along with details such as engine systems, propellers, landing gear systems, windows.

It's 100% handmade from natural wood and the propellers are designed to rotate.

Great for home decorating, bookshelf, desk, office; housewarming, birthday, corporate gifts.