Crafting a Makeup Mirror for Nadya: A Journey of Pride

26th Oct 2023

Around a year ago, my dear friend Nadya, a remarkably talented photographer, approached me with a unique request – to create a makeup mirror for her studio. It was my first attempt at such a project, but I was eager to take on the challenge and craft a mirror that would meet her exacting standards.

Her work can be found on Instagram (

Accepting Nadya's challenge was both an honor and a test of my skills. I was determined to create a mirror that would not only meet but exceed Nadya's expectations, ensuring it met her high standards for studio work.

Extensive research, planning, and material sourcing were the first steps in crafting Nadya's mirror. The frame was modified from old mirror, adjustable LED lighting bulbs were strategically placed to provide even, shadow-free illumination.

After weeks of hard work and errors and meticulous adjustments, the makeup mirror was complete. Nadya was thrilled with the result, and her enthusiasm was contagious. 

Crafting Nadya's makeup mirror was not just a project; it was a learning experience. It taught me the value of attention to detail and precision. 

Nadya Mont continues to astonish with her photography, and I'm proud to have contributed to her creative process. As her Instagram account ( continues to flourish, I'm excited to see more of her stunning work, knowing I played a part in enhancing her art.